Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Aizawl, a beatiful city in the far eastern corner of India.

Busy day in the streets of Aizawl.

A top view of the concrete jungle. I spent two days in Aizawl in Feb 2005. Unfortunately, both the days turned out to be cloudy and misty.

Traffic is chaotic and unruly in Aizawl, as in most other Indian cities. Police is a mere witness. But everything works out in the end.

Another view of Aizawl. The day was gloomy, you had to look hard to add life to your pictures.


Anonymous babama said...

These photo graphs reminded of our very happy days together at Aizawl......

12/08/2005 11:04 PM  
Blogger Soumyadip said...

Never been to Aizawl, but it sure looks pretty as my Mizo friends told me.

You've got some great photographs here.

12/10/2005 3:55 AM  
Blogger Sundancer said...

These are beautiful pictures of my place! Great work with the photography. Too bad your days there were rainy ones...

1/22/2006 5:41 AM  
Blogger almostunreal said...

Happy to see your comment. Hope you visit more often

1/22/2006 6:23 AM  

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