Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mother and child in RihKhawdar village, Chin state, Myanmar. She was familiar with a camera but not one where one could view the photo instantly. It was hard for me to explain, language barriers aside. We settled for the explanation that it had a mini computer in it.

Liquor shops in the same RihKhawdar village. They mostly serve the neighboring state of Mizoram, India, where liqour is banned.

I like the downtown view of Chicago a lot, specially the view one gets driving up and down Lake Shore Drive. Manhattan is too much of a jungle for me. The others have too few skyscrapers. This one was taken from Navy Pier. The tripod and cable release came in handy for a 30 second exposure.

Another view of Chicago skyscrapers. This time from Sears Tower.

Two shots taken an hour apart from atop Sears Tower. Same camera, same film, almost same field of view. Notice the difference in color temperature between the two shots.

Clowns waiting for a ride after the Memorial Day parade in Miwaukee in 2002. The parade will probably be discontinued for lack of sponsors. A great event, it will be dearly missed by many like me.

The clowns at the parade are mostly amateurs, donning the mask once a year.

Aizawl, a beatiful city in the far eastern corner of India.

Busy day in the streets of Aizawl.

A top view of the concrete jungle. I spent two days in Aizawl in Feb 2005. Unfortunately, both the days turned out to be cloudy and misty.

Traffic is chaotic and unruly in Aizawl, as in most other Indian cities. Police is a mere witness. But everything works out in the end.

Another view of Aizawl. The day was gloomy, you had to look hard to add life to your pictures.

Three images of the Niagara Falls at night, as it changed color. These were shot in summer 2003. I was too lazy to carry the tripod along, so had to perch the camera on one of those drop-coin binoculars. All 5 second exposures with a cable release.
Shot in Badlands, South Dakota in late 2002.
The photo could have been really superb if it had a subject in the foreground and was under-exposed by a stop.

This one was shot in Castor National Park in South Dakota again. I chased them around to shoot about 30 pictures, but didn't get a composition of my liking. Eventually I got tired after 30 mins of running (running after deer!). The sun was about to set too. So I had to be content with this one.